Changes Are Good

So I went to Uncle Shnotty and Auntie Anastasias house this weekend to visit and show them how amazing I look. Only 1 of 3 children were there… the most entertaining one- R! Usually R likes to grab me inappropriately or rest his head on my “pillows”. For the first time ever, little almost 7 year old R, didn’t touch me like I was a life-sized doll, he just hugged me and I felt so normal. That’s how I know that I lost some weight. 

Also, on that note, I must also tell the world that I tried on jeans today for the first time since surgery. THEY FIT! I still have the saggy leg part, but I’m happy because I’m not wearing my fat girl jeans anymore. (Not that I ever wore fat girl jeans, they just looked like fat girl jeans because I liked to wear them so high…or so low, depending on the outfit.)

Today is a good day, I’m happy, and still breathing in my not so tight jeans!